SDAMPP is a nonprofit organization whose prime objective is the advancement of education in the scientific field of medical physics. This objective is pursued through discussions, meetings, collaboration, and the shared perspectives of those in positions of leadership within academic programs of medical physics. The Society has the following missions in furtherance of this objective:

  • To promote the advancement of medical physics education worldwide;
  • To encourage coordination between academic medical physics programs;
  • To foster establishment of educational best practices in medical physics;
  • To monitor production of medical physics trainees relative to the job market;
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  • To foster coordination of the graduate and residency elements of medical physics training;
  • To provide a forum for discussion among leaders of academic medical physics programs;
  • To serve as a voice for leaders of academic medical physics programs;
  • To engage leaders of academic medical physics programs around the world to provide better and more consistent medical physics training.



In August, 2023, our membership will vote twice: once to elected officers and again regarding important proposed amendments to update our bylaws. Please make your voice heard on this important items. All voting members will receive an email with details soon.


SDAMPP recently held it’s first virtual annual meeting. Over half of our society was able to join us for this meeting, which covered the impact of COVID-19 on graduate programs and residencies, future funding paradigms for programs, as well as a remembrance for Ed Jackson, PhD, a founding member of SDAMPP who passed away this June. The meeting was recorded, and can be viewed in it's entirety.

Video Link

E. Ishmael Parsai has been elected via special election to fill the Chair of the Board position for 2023.  Dr. Parsai served as Chair in 2023, and due to an unfilled President-Elect position in 2018, he agreed to serve another year as Chair if membership would elect him again.  Congratulations!


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Available Under Meetings/Webinars


SDAMPP, CAMPEP and AAPM Education Council Letter to Graduate Program Directors Regarding Medical Physics Training Disruptions Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

地方教案有用的工具:2021-11-17 · 有用的工具有用的车教案活动名称:科学活动《有用的车》(小班)小四班周璟活动目标:1 初步了解警车、救护车、消防车明显的外形特征,理解特种车辆的简单功用。2 愿意表达自己的想法。活动准备:知道各种车辆的名称、PPT、车辆图片、胸卡、方向盘活动过程:(一)经验分享——各种各样 ...

SDAMPP Position Statement Regarding ABR Surveillance Requirements for Programs

SDAMPP Board Letter to ABR Regarding Changes to Part 1 Eligibility Requirements

SDAMPP Position Statement on the Match System for Admissions to Medical Physics Residencies | AAPM Position Statement on the Match


Dr. John Antolak (Chair of the Educational Practices Committee) recently published a summary of the 2023 MedPhys match results, which is now in it’s 5th year. It can be read here.


Click here to pay your SDAMPP Dues Note that you will be redirected to the AAPM website. AAPM manages dues collection on behalf of SDAMPP.

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Click here to gain access to the SDAMPP BBS. You will be redirected to AAPM website to login to your account to access the SDAMPP BBS. Your credentials will be same as your login info.


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